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version 4.2

Release date

14th June 2018

Note:- Android will usually be available on the same day as our release. iOS goes through their own review process so may take longer - allow up to 3 days.


Reason codes are now available on the app where the category has them set.

Categories not supported by the app are no longer shown on the category selection list.

Updated message shown when deleting a claim line.

Bug fixes

Fixed bug where a receipt added to a claim line went into receipt stash rather than staying attached to the claim line.

Fixed bug where a non-expenses user could log into the app and create claims.

Fixed issue where adding claim lines to a claim whilst offline would cause those lines to be appended to a submitted claim.

Fixed issue where the wrong Terms and conditions could be displayed when submitting a claim.

Fixed syncing issues when editing direct mileage claim lines.

Fixed bug where a claim line could be saved without entering a value.

Addressed locking issues when the phone screen had been off for a while.

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